The Bird Catcher PRO Cat Wand Fishing Pole Teaser Review

Post Published on September 24, 2013 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

The Bird Catcher PRO Interactive Cat Toy Super Wand Fishing Pole Teaser2Pets Can Play, the makers of The Bird Catcher PRO Cat Wand, initially reached out to us to see if we wanted to review their new wand toy.  I was game after checking it out on Amazon and reading some of the reviews.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much Charlie and Trigg liked it and also how much Caymus and Murphy liked it.

The Bird Catcher PRO is a 2-part pole with a soft cushion grip handle and comes in a black canvas storage bag with 2 feather refills.

I love this cat wand toy – we have product tested a few others now – Tiger Teasers and Neko Flies and they are all different!  It’s truly fun to see how the cats react to each one.  I also like how well it stood up to my yanking and pulling.  One of the feather attachments that came with it broke from the hook it was attached to – but I just swapped it out with the other one and the other one hasn’t been an issue.  Also, I haven’t tried yet, but I am pretty sure I can fix it quickly with a pair of pliers.  Also, the company seems to be very responsive in wanting to know what issues there are, if any.

Love that it has a little bell next to the feathers because the sound helps the cats immediately recognize that it’s play time.  It’s also a great toy for playing with your cat while you’re watching TV – you don’t necessarily have to get up to play with them with this one…although I enjoy moving it around more, so I do get up and walk around.

As with any wand toy, I recommend keeping it put away and up (out of your cat’s reach) while you are not playing with them.  In other words, they should only play with it with you around – only supervised play.

You can buy The Bird Catcher PRO on Amazon for $27.95.

Here is our arrival video:

Here is the final review video with Caymus and Murphy:

Here is the final review video with Charlie and Trigg:

We received The Bird Catcher PRO from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

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3 thoughts on “The Bird Catcher PRO Cat Wand Fishing Pole Teaser Review

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Great review and info! I always lurve the videos that accompany each review – such a pleasure and joy to watch your awesome kitties play! 🙂 <3

    I think I'll add these to my future wish list. Going to get a new Neko Flies attachment and some Tiger Teasers next for Pink Sugar. 🙂 <3

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks, Patti – I really appreciate the feedback. These reviews are hours of work! So the encouragement really helps.

      Let me know how Pink Sugar likes Tiger Teasers!

      • Patti Johnson says:

        Jenny, you are most welcome! (Always.) 🙂

        I bet those reviews are a lot of work! And, do know that all of your fans (like me) do appreciate all your efforts in sharing your information with us each and every day!

        I will definitely let you (and Melanie at Tiger Teasers) know how Pink Sugar likes the Tiger Teasers when I get them for her. 🙂

        Best wishes for a wonderful rest of the week to you and your family! 🙂 <3

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