The Big Man – Barkerman

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Maine Coon RescueI’m mostly maine-coon, but since mom does alot of rescuing/fostering, we’ve had 2 Ragdoll siblings – they have great homes now. My 3 siblings and I were left in a box in winter, only a few hours old…mom saved us & we became as close as children. She also spoils us, but $ is always tight trying to help as many as we can, and we ‘killed’ our cat tree! We loved it, but as we are pushing 20lbs, the poor tree is no more… We would love a new toy & we promise we will share!

🙂 Barkerman(Blazie,Indy&Abe)

Kitty’s Name: Barkerman
Name: Kim Adsit
Where: New York


Thanks to Barkerman for his extra entry for March 2011 Giveaway: Mountain Cat Trees Incline Scratcher with Birch Tree Post.

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