The Best Sisal Scratching Post for Under $20

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 Petlinks System Pillar Pawz Sisal cat scratching posts are certainly nothing new to the cat loving community, but they've managed to maintain their popularity for generally being of good quality. When you first get a new cat, it's difficult to know what types of textures and materials they prefer. At the same time, you don't want to wait around until you find them scratching at furniture or tearing up paper bags to purchase a fitting cat scratching pole. It's best to take care of the problem before it starts, right?

This is why it's a great idea to start with a cheaper post and test out the material with your cat before you purchase an activity tree. When it comes to furniture made of sisal rope, the Petlinks System Pillar Pawz is a great way to start. The scratcher itself is not very large, only reaching about 18 inches in height, but this is one of the reasons you can purchase it for under $20. Despite its inexpensive cost, this cat scratching tree is rather durable so it's more than worth the money. It also features carpet on the base so that your cat has two different textures to scratch.

The top of the Petlinks System Pillar Pawz comes with a detachable feather toy that is full of catnip. This is wonderful because some cats are a bit aloof when new toys are brought into the home. The catnip will lure them toward the pillar and get them playing with it much more quickly than they would without it.

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