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Catnip Cyclone from BerganI love it when companies make a product that enhances one that they already have. Couple that with it being a product that my kitties already love, the Turbo Scratcher, and it is even more of a win-win.

Bergan has just announced their Catnip Cyclone. 

As you can see, it is similar to the Turbo Scratcher (or the Star Chaser, for that matter) in the sense that there is a buy that moves around the outside.  But it is smaller than the Turbo Scratcher – and can actually be placed on top of it.  Creating two tracks and two track balls in one!:

Catnip Cyclone from Bergan

Bergan Catnip CycloneWhen the catnip is placed inside the cyclone, it makes an aromatic effect when the ball moves around, releasing the catnip smell. 

Bergan backs all of its products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Does your kitty have the Bergan Turbo Scratcher or Star Chaser?

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  1. We have 9 cats and they love the turbo scratcher and star chaser! We can’t wait to get the catnip cyclone for them! We are sure they will love it. Wish it was available now!

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