Thanks to Floppycats Readers for a Successful The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bed Raffle

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Charlie in The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bed
Charlie in The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bed

Last week I shipped The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bed to Jerri!

Maybe, if we’re lucky, Jerri will send me a photo of her kitties in the bed, so that I can share it with you guys!

Shipping was $58.55 which was my donation.

Minus PayPal fees, we were able to donate $423.30!!!

I phoned the Ennis Veterinary Clinic to help cover vet bills that Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll Rescue has endured.

If you would like to help with future vet bills, please reach out to Ennis Veterinary Clinic and make donations in honor of Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll Rescue.

Ennis Veterinary Clinic
3101 N Kaufman St
Ennis, TX 75119
(972) 875-2647

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Thank you to all who participated – I am excited about the results of this raffle.

Would you be interested in another raffle at another time?  If so, what product would you be interested in?


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  1. That’s awesome Jen! Raffles are a great way to go! One thing I would suggest is that for future raffles – you have the tickets done as “personal/money owed” and the name of the item. Going that way you don’t have any PayPal fees. Just do not ever use the word Raffle – PayPal considers that as gambling – even for fund raising. They actually shut my account down, and it took a few days to get it opened again.

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