Teaching Your Cat to Drink Well

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Drinkwell Original Pet FountainThe Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain says it all in its name; we want our pets to drink well and maintain their health. Let's face it, our lives wouldn't be the same without these sweet creatures at our sides. Providing him or her a cat water fountain is only one step in the right direction, but it's a very important one. Impurities, sediment, and bad tastes and odors tend to get into our cats' drinking water. Drinkwell provides a fountain with a constant stream of water that also uses a charcoal filter. This filter removes all of the issues that will exacerbate a cat's desire not to drink water. Cats tend not to recognize thirst as quickly as humans, which causes dehydration to be a worry in the first place. In addition, they certainly do not want to be consuming dirty, stagnant water when they finally do drink. This is one of the best cat products out there because its focus is your friend's health.

Drinkwell Fountain Premium Replacement Filter 3 packYour cat will also take great interest in the stream of fresh water falling from the fountain. In this way, the fountain also acts as an interactive cat toy that will last quite a long time. The filter within the device is replaceable too so this isn't one of those fountains that will require you to replace the entire item. The brand actually sells a Drinkwell Fountain Premium Replacement Filter 3 pack for a reasonable price, and these filters can last up to a month.

On top of all of these other perks, the product can hold 50 ounces of flowing water so you do not have to worry constantly about whether your cat is staying well-hydrated when you're not at home.


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