Tasha’s Gift

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Tasha - Siamese RescueI rescued Tasha from a kill shelter she was getting sick and was 13 years old at the time. Her old owner had lost there house and I guess they didn’t have another place to take this beautiful kitty. When she first got here every time I would leave she would hide in the cabinets making sure she wouldn’t be taken back to that awful place. She was a light weight at 5.25 pounds with no from claws. I worried about my 2 other cats who both weight 11 pounds and have claws. But she stood her ground with both of them. That was 3 years ago. She now weights 7.26 pounds and looks great. This little old lady would like to win so she can finally have something to share with my other 2 cats.

I want the Southern California Siamese Rescue to get the other prize for all the cats they have in foster now to have some neat stuff to play with. It is all volunteer staff we do it for the love of the cats. So please pick Tasha and the Siamese Rescue to win.
Thank You

Name: Susan
City: San Diego
State: Ca.
ShelterRescue: Southern Ca. Siamese Rescue

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