Tasha The Old Lady

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TashaI rescued Tasha 3 years ago she was 13 at the time. She was at a city kill shelter her life time owner turned her in because they lost there house. I was so luck that day. Tasha loves everyone. She still loves to play even at her age. After her close brush with death she has turned in to my shadow. Wants to be in everything I’m doing, She knows when something is for her, it could be a new bed or toys or even special foods. She is like a kid when she gets something new. Being on a fixed income it’s hard to give her some of the things she likes. The special things. Help make this old lady’s last years here a little more fun with her own set of special things.

Name: Susan
City: San Diego
State: Ca.
ShelterRescue: Southern Ca. Siamese Rescue

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