Taking a Survey – Should Floppycats.com Have a Ragdoll Cat Forum?

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Trigg and Charlie ask, "Should we have a forum?"
Trigg and Charlie ask, "Should we have a forum?"

Over the past couple of years, as Floppycats.com many readers have approached me about wanting to have a Ragdoll Cat forum on Floppycats.com. 

If you are unfamiliar with what a forum is – a forum a public meeting place online where people can discuss various things.  In our case it would be cats – whether it’s general behaviorial questions or even discussing different products to use.

If you have a minute, please take the time to fill out this short 4 question survey and let me know what you think about having a Ragdoll Cat forum here on Floppycats.com  If you are reading this as an e-mail, please go to the site to take the survey.

Thanks for your input!  I really appreciate it!

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