Tails from the Cat Doctor with Dr. Neely

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We have interviewed Dr. Neely, the Cat Doctor on the website before.  She is now doing a reality online TV show called, “Tails from the Cat Doctor”.

Here is a recent episode:

I have watched all 4 episodes and love learning about cats and their health care, so that I am more knowledgeable about where to direct people.  Not to mention saving cats is cool!  I am excited to see future episodes and have to thank Dr. Neely and Nicole for doing this and putting it on the Internet for FREE!

Here’s the link to the most information about the show.

New episodes are released every Saturday at 7:30 p.m. (EST) and they’re available on demand.

It’s all hosted at http://tailsfromthecatdoctor.ewave.tv .

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Right now there are 4 episodes in the series.

You can join them too on Twitter and Facebook.


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