Daily Ragdoll Photo: Taz Battles The Feather #1

Feather toys are very popular at our house. Abby prefers blue feathers. I don’t dare let Stormy actually catch one of the feathers. Arlo can’t be bothered, but both of our Ragnificent Ragdolls sweet hearts love feathers. Taz likes his red and yellow ones, but he really isn’t picky.

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Daily Ragdoll Photo: Abby-tude

Ragdoll cats have great personalities. In some ways, they act like dogs. Some will fetch for you. Most will follow you around, and many have interesting quirks. Abby has Abby-tude. She has the most expressive eyes. Since this photo, she has used those eyes to convey all sorts of things. There will be lots of Abby-tude in posts to come.

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Daily Ragdoll Photo: Abby’s first pose

Abby is the sweetest little cat, with the cutest mannerisms, and lots of Abby-tude, but we’ll cover that in future posts. She is very gentle, but her favorite game is Monster Under the Blanket. She started off by bapping anything that moved under a blanket, but lately she’s be given to hiding under a blanket, and bapping anything that moves the blanket. In Abby’s first pose, she is just developing her Abby-tude.

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