Interview with Ed Denton of Kitty City NM Cat Rescue

My name is Ed Denton and I was born here in Alamogordo NM, and have lived most of my life right here. It is a fairly small town with a population of about 35,000. I am married to Kathleen Denton who is also a Director of Kitty City, and we have four children that are now grown and out on their own. We live in a pretty large home and have one dog and 8 cats that are all rescued cats.

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Ragdoll Rescue In Riverside CA

8 Ragdolls were taken to the Riverside (CA) Animal Control office on March 4.

See details at . None of these cats are posted on PetFinder or Ragdoll Rescue. According to the breeder, the seized animals may be euthanized as soon as March 9. Is there anyone in/near Riverside, CA who can investigate and help?

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Nemasket Orphan Animal Haven

Since last April, Nemasket Orphan Animal Haven (NOAH), our affiliate, has been caring for cats seized from Heidi Erickson on the request of animal control and the court. The court case is still pending as many extensions were filed causing delays. If you remember the first time cats were seized from Ms. Erickson, they all wound up in a shelter for 19 months and then were put down after she was convicted of animal cruelty – they were not made available to rescue. In addition, Ms. Erickson was permanently suspended from CFA services and TICA then followed suit.

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