Daily Ragdoll Photo: Abby – Look Deep Into My Eyes

This is a wide angle close up shot, in a shadow box. If you click on the image, and view the large, or original sized image, Abby’s eyes are hypnotizing. They remind me of the Kaa, the snake in Jungle Book. I like the 3D effect you get with a wide angle lens, close up shot. Fun stuff.

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Daily Ragdoll Photo: Taz – Ready To Pounce

Taz is in the shadow box, ready to pounce. He tends to do that a lot, lately. He’s getting to be a big boy, so when he pounces on you, it doesn’t go unnoticed. We were curious, so we broke out the scales. Taz weighs 8 lbs, and he’s not even 4 months old, yet. He now outweighs all of our pets, except for Arlo. It’s a good thing he is a sweet boy. This is another one from the day we picked him up at Ragnificent Ragdolls.

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