Desk Nest A Unique Desktop Cat Bed 3

Desk Nest™: A Unique Desktop Cat Bed

Desk Nest is a desktop cat perch that attaches to your desk, table, shelf, coffee table, nightstand, or just about any flat surface. It supports kitties and pups that weigh up to 20 lbs. and it’s adjustable – it can either float over a desk or swivel over the ground, allowing you to keep your surface area clear.

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5 Essentail Cat Products (According to Bill)

Bill and I have been living together for around 5 years I think. Bill did not grow up with cats. So, I asked him, “Hey, if you were going to adopt a cat and you had no cats, what are 5 essential cat products (not including litter and food) you would buy straight away?” Here were his answers:

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