Daily Ragdoll Photo: Arlo Almost Lost An Eye

A few days ago, we noticed that Arlo had a red eye. We had him checked out, before leaving for a weekend. It turns out that he had a 103 degree fever, and his eye was about to burst. We had no idea that he was this sick. Arlo is feeling better, now, so we are pretty sure that he’s going to be around for a while, but it is still touch and go with his eye. Our pets, especially Ragdolls, will not complain. You really have to keep an eye on things, to know if they are sick or hurt. It’s easy if they are coughing, or have GI issues, but fevers, tumors, bites, and puncture wounds can easily go unnoticed.

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Daily Ragdoll Photo: Archive – Abby Cat Loaf 2

This is one of the first shots done with strobe lighting. I really like the way her eyes pop. It is amazing what having sufficient light can do for saturation. She’s such a sweet little cat, putting up with me using her as a subject for all sorts of photographic experiments. At first, her asymmetrical markings put me off. They really grow on you, kind of like a beauty mark. I’m not sure what the official classification of her markings would be. She has blue points, white socks, and some tortie, asymmetrical markings. We know that she is pure Ragdoll, but she does seem to show some Birman heritage. Sweet little cat…

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