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tadpoleHi, I am Ragdoll Mommy from my blog , Life with Ragdolls.

I had a handsome and very loving, Sealpoint Ragdoll cat. His name was Tadpole, he was the sweetest cat with the sweetest personality! He would follow me around EVERYWHERE, I went! He was my baby boy, and I truly cannot stop missing him! He had the prettiest killer blue eyes!

Tadpole was an outside cat, however I do not recommend having your Ragdoll cat outside, unless you ARE supervising it! That’s fine. But if you aren’t, then your cat is likely to be killed by a car, or “cat napped” (AKA stolen). Ragdolls are not “Street smart” and because of their loving nature, most Ragdoll cats will go home with just about anyone!  That’s why it is very important that you keep your Ragdoll cat indoors only!

image2The reason why Tadpole was an outdoor cat is because his former owner had him outside his whole life, and I didn’t want to put him indoors…… That wouldn’t be fair to him. So I just let him stay the way he was, after all he wasn’t declawed. But a year later, Tadpole got Feline Leukemia and ended up passing away. Now I so wish I had kept him indoors!

I regret that a lot.

Tadpole was not a show quality Ragdoll, however he was more than that…… He was MY “special” baby!

image2I first fell in love with Tadpole in 2004, when we moved to Bonifay, Florida. Tadpole was probably about 14 years old at that time, maybe even older. He lived on a farm with three other cats, Thunder, Socks, Bubbles.  Tadpole 14 years, as mentioned above. Thunder about 12 years. Bubbles 10 years. Socks about 8 or 9 years.

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Bubbles was my female tabby cat, who was declawed.
Thunder was my male black cat, he had claws.
Socks was my tabby male cat, he also had claws.
Tadpole wasn’t declawed.

Tadpole was probably born in 1990 or 1989. He died in 2005.

It took me from 2005 to 2012 to get another Ragdoll, I just couldn’t accept the fact that he was dead. That’s almost 7 years. I still can get over him!
In fact, EVERY Tuesday I have a post about him on my blog, called “Tadpole Tuesday”, Tadpole was also the reason WHY I created, Life With Ragdolls!
Tadpole will ALWAYS have a “special” place in my heart, that NO one can ever  replace!

I hoped everyone loved Tadpole’s story!

Ragdoll Mommy~


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  1. thank you for sharing your story about your sweet boy. I lost 2 a couple of years ago one right after the other and I thought I would die from sadness. they were 15 and 16. I said I wasn’t going to get anymore cats and then 2 showed up at my door that people had abandoned. one of them came right before my mr chip died, it was like he was an angel sent to give me some comfort for what was to come. now I have 3, all left by previous owners and though I will never forget my sweet kitties that I have had through my life, I love these very very much as well and every day I cherish the time I have with them. i’m glad that you have another cat now.

    1. I am so sorry you can’t get over losing your precious Ragdoll cat. I must say that I know how you feel. It took me 27 years to make the decision to get another cat after I lost my sweet “Blue”, a Himylayan cat that looked a lot like your Ragdoll. I now have two beautiful Ragdolls that I love so much. I’ll never forget Blue but these two rascals I have now are “my babies”. I hope you will be better one day and can accept you Tadpole’s death. I forgot to tell you my “Blue’ had Feline Lukemia too.

  2. I loved reading about Tadpole. Your love for him shines through. I understand how you fee. My blue bi-color raggie Bartok is 11 years old and I love him so much the way you loved Tadpole. He is my boy, my heart, my shadow and my comfort. I have another beautiful raggie, bluepoint mitted girl named Chloe. I love her a lot, too, but there is a special connection with “Barty” and me. He goes everywhere I go all day when I’m home. You will always feel the way you do today about Tadpole, and so will I about “Barty.” I’ve had many cats, not ragdolls, and Barty is THE ONE.

    1. It’s like I can actually see how much you love Barty through the comment! He sounds so sweet.

      OMG I have a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll too! His name is Nico. I also have a Blue Mitted or Bluepoint Mitted Ragdoll, her name is Anya.
      We’re matching Raggie colors! Lol

      I still miss Tadpole my Sealpoint Ragdoll too:-(

  3. Hi, Ragdoll Mommy! Oh, Tadpole was such a beautiful boy! I can totally understand why you still mourn his passing. I’ve been there with other special pets from my life that can never be replaced. (Every once in a while I call my sweet Pink Sugar by my previous cat’s name, Sora. I will always miss my Blue Leopard Desert Lynx baby girl who was taken way too soon!)


    Patti & Pink Sugar <3

    1. Thanks;-)

      Don’t feel bad… I call Nico “Tadpole” sometimes, and every time it breaks my heart a little.


      Ps: UGH!!! I forgot AGAIN to send you the video of Nico playing fetch!!!!


  4. Very sweet story and know that Tadpole is watching you and smiling that you have once again opened your heart to two more babies! That’s so great. Can really understand how you struggled with bringing in Tadpole. I did the same thing with my ferals manx’s. Had two and one I brought in and he adjusted well and was the biggest baby ever and then Bob #2, was more difficult to tame, but when he finally gave his heart over, it was ALL over for him. He just melted into my arms and we went from there. Was in the process of trying to work him into coming inside, when he got an ear infection and was working on it putting antibiotics in his food, etc., but one day, he didn’t return and I never saw him again. It just tore my heart out because I always wonder if I had just tried harder or taken him in sooner, he would still be here. Miss him like you describe about Tadpole and it is excruciating. Also, have a 3rd girl, Miss Mariposa, who is declawed and came to our backporch one snowy day a long time ago. She was easy to bring in because she was begging me. Don’t think she would have survived much longer with no claws and the fact that she couldn’t defend herself either. Think the thing to remember is that we all love our angels and we try our best to do what’s best and right for each one of them and honestly believe that they understand that. Well, I’m hoping for another “feral” again sometime in the future, but don’t tell my husband!!!!

    1. Sorry about your babies:-(

      Yeah, Tadpole just tore my heart out when he died! There isn’t one single day I don’t think about him and the things we did together.

      Honestly sometimes I wish Nico (My Blue Bicolor Ragdoll, the one I have now), was Tadpole….. Sometimes I even call Nico “Tadpole” and it just brakes my heart!

      However, I only did that once with my Blue Mitted female Ragdoll cat named “Anya”.


  5. Hi Ragdoll Mommy,
    I just read that Tadpole is the Ragdoll of the week. Yay! I loved reading your story and it made me cry, because I still haven’t gotten over my Persian Cat Capri’s death, as she passed away this past February. It’s a pain that won’t go away, because they are our children, but I believe we will see them again. It’s that faith that keeps me hanging on. Wow Tadpole was beautiful. That is my favorite color, seal point! Just beautiful.

    1. Thanks Evie.

      Yeah, he was just a beauty. You should of seen his eyes. They were VERY VERY VERY VERY DARK BLUE!!!!!!!

      God, do I miss him!

      ((((HUGS))), for Capri. I so understand the pain!

  6. OMG! I was just messing around on line and googled “a cat named tadpole” and found your story!
    I took in two little kittens a year and a half ago who’s mother was a stray. A tom cat had gotten in the trunk of the car the litter was in and killed all but three of the kittens. A kind gentleman took one and my son brought home the remaining two, who I raised, their eyes were barley opened. One is solid black and so very beautiful, the other looks like your Tadpole, just a little lighter colored on the body, I can send you a picture if you would like. But the most amazing thing is that my cat’s name is Tadpole as well! my husband named him that when he first saw him because he was “no bigger than a tadpole” He comes to his name and follows me everywhere! He has the most beautiful color of blue eyes, I have never seen any quite that shade of blue. He had a head injury when I got him from the old tom, but has recovered from that, except it seems as if he has a hard time seeing out in the sunshine. He is truly exceptional. E mail me if you would like to see a photo of him.

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