Sweetheart Scratcher – A Perfect Gift For Your Sweetheart Kitties This Upcoming Valentine’s Day!!!

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Thingking of something special to buy for your kitty this Valentine’s day? Or of something to give as a gift to your cat lover friends’ feline? Why not give them something special like the Sweetheart Scratcher in this important occassion?

Sweetheart Scratcher is perfect for sweetheart/darling cats. If you have partner cats at home, this cat scratcher is the one for them!

Sweetheart Scratcher

Measuring 3 feet tall, this lovely scratch perch adds up a soft touch to any room of your house and at the same time providing a great place for your cats to scratch. Sweetheart Scratcher has 3 levels for your kitties to hop in or use as a staircase.

This cat scratcher is also available in a 24-inch, miniature model wherein both versions come with 2 sisal rope scratch posts. It also offers a unique option to choose a custom colored (dyed) sisal rope for just a small additional fee, just to match your home decors surrounding it.

Requires simple assembly. Offered to all cat owners and cat fans of CatsPlay on a discounted price of $119.20 (before $149.00).

♥♥♥ A simple, sweet and charming gift for your sweetheart kitties!!! ♥♥♥

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