Swarovski Tri Crystal Collar Green 10″ Only For Your Cat

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From the makers of the infamous Woof Wear Collars for Dog comes Puddy Tat Collars for Cats!!
With Swarovski Tri Crystal Collar Green 10", your cat will surely dazzle and shine with this magnificent collar that is purrfectly pure with elegance and sophistication, and features only the best cut and faceted Swarovski Austrian Crystal stones.
Swarovski Tri Crystal Collar Green 10"
This Swarovski Tri Crystal Collar Green 10" is manufactures and assembled by skilled and experienced craftsman in the United States where they utilize the finest Italian Leather and highest quality components available in the market industry. The nickel plated tips are designed and created not only for an exquisite look, but for durability as well. There is a neoprene safety band that will release should your kitty need it. 

Product Features/Benefits:
  • Made from the Finest Italian and American Latigo Leather.
  • Finest heavy gauge hardware. 
  • Only Genuine Swarovski Crystal is used in this product. 
  • All ornaments are silver plated brass or silver plated zinc as well as several styles with a unique cast aluminum style of ornament which makes collars very light weight. 
  • The leather is edge painted with up to 6 coats of acrylic paint. This opposed to edge dye means that no collar will leak dyes onto the fur of the animal if it gets wet.
  • The collars are all double stitched, beveled (Edges rounded for smoothness, same as high quality belt) then re-stitched with a unique box stitch using strong nylon thread then riveted. for even more added strength.
  • 3/8 of an inch wide.
  • Fitted with an elastic breakaway for safety. 
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • Finest Handcrafted Pet Artware available.
  • Each Sold Individually at a price of $39.99 only through the Cat Connection
PLEASE NOTE: While these collars are durable, these collars are not meant for rough use or water play. It is intended as a "wear with care" item. Please treat it as you would any fine piece of jewelry or clothing item meant for your own personal use. Each collar is crafted by hand so there may be slight variations.

Whether your pet is pure bred or a little mixed up, he or she will always look like royalty dressed for the grandest occasion with this Swarovski Tri Crystal Collar Green 10"!!!

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