Super Chunky Crochet Cat Mat from CommeDesMoutons on Etsy Unboxing Video

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A few weeks ago, Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther, featured an Etsy seller, CommeDesMoutons, that is making chunky crochet cat beds.  We have already reviewed the traditional donut cat bed in a crochet wool, but this Etsy seller had pads!  Landing pads!

So I wrote her to see if she would send us one to review.  And she did.  It was shipped to us from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Chiggy is in love.  Here’s our unboxing video of the chunky crochet oval pet mat from CommeDesMoutons on Etsy.

Grab a Super Chunky Crochet Cat Mat for your kitty.

CommeDesMoutons on Etsy

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  1. Oh boy, my wool addict, Emily, might like one of these! Don’t you love Etsy? I”ve purchased several of these sheepskin mats from this seller on Etsy. She uses wool from rescue sheep in Northern California. Emily LOVES them and I’ve given them as gifts to friends with cats. . I bet Trigg would love it!


      1. Use the filter on the left hand side of her home page to pick the Organic Mats/Pet Beds category. She’s a little low on stock right now, but is constantly adding new ones.

  2. SUPER FABULOUS & PAWESOME product arrival post & video, Jenny!! LURVE me some Etsy products & artisans! YAY!!! WOW! THAT Cat Landing Pad is AMAZEBALLS!!! LURVE IT SOOOO MUCH!! GORGEOUS!!! 🙂 <3

    Chiggy is soooo very adorkable in the video, too (nothing new there, though)! Hmmmmm. Landing Pads. First time I've heard this term. Learning new schtuff from you All The Time!! Awwww, LURVE me a Frisky Charlie! Pissypants…LMAO!! Man, Chiggy is DIGGING THAT SOOOO MUCH!!! LURVE me a Frisky Chiggy, too! Soooo ADORABLY FRISKY!!! Freakoid…lol. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT ETSY! I LURVE IT, TOO!!! Such a delightful video watching Chiggy being Chiggy! 🙂 <3

    I want to try one of these for Miss PSB but have a feeling they are probably out of my price range right now but adding this Etsy store to my faves and adding the product to my Etsy Wish List (which is HUGE…lol). 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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