Submission for Mountain Cat Trees Scratching Post Giveaway

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Ragdoll CatsI’d love to win this scratching post for Diamond and Mellow. They have three scratching posts, but have almost shredded all the sisal. I’ve been looking for a new scratching post, but all the quality ones are expensive. This would be great for them! It would be something new for them to scratch on and there’s a great spot for it in my living room. When I brought Mellow home, he didn’t know how to use the vertical scratching posts, but learned how from Diamond. Now he uses them as much as she does.
They deserve to win because they are sweet, intelligent and playful cats. They love scratching on different surfaces, but have never, not even once scratched up my furniture or the carpets. This is a great giveaway and thank you for the opportunity.

Kitty’s Name: Diamond and Mellow
Name: Darcey


Thanks to Darcey for her extra entry for March 2011 Giveaway: Mountain Cat Trees Incline Scratcher with Birch Tree Post.

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