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Most of my Ragdoll Cat Pictures are taken after my little guy has spentCatnip Toys time playing with his Yeowww Catnip toys.  He loves the little Stuffed Cat Toys that are so much fun to bat around the living room and carry throughout the house. He is very small so he enjoys the smaller toys, but he sleeps with his Sardine Tin Yeowww Catnip Toy.

My little Bicolor Ragdoll man is a joy to watch and so much fun to play with, especially when play time involves a catnip toy.  He has a new toy called a Stinkie because it is fish shaped and I burst out laughing every time I see him grab that fish and take off as if something is after him.  He carries that fish everywhere these days. I even catch him asleep in the window sill on occasion with that little striped fish lying beside is furry body. I know some people say catnip makes a cat go insane, but the organic Yeowww Catnip has offered nothing but hours of fun for my little guy.  I cannot wait until his birthday to buy him more toys.  There is one that is heart shaped that I want in his next picture.

You can buy Stuffed Cat Toys with Yeowww Catnip from the Cat Connection for $3.99 – $60.99 for sets.

Visit the manufacturer at Duckyworld

Does your cat use Yeowww Catnip? How does he or she like it?

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