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Stray Cat no-fees TNRTerry T. Thomas of Brandon, Florida (in the Tampa Bay area) has noticed an unfortunate prevalence of feral (“stray”) cats in Hillsborough County, and wants to do something about it. To this end, Mr. Thomas is trying to set up a no fee trap-neuter-return (TNR) and relocation service for felines in his area. His goal is to create a service that will enable locals to call a number to report feral cats in their neighborhoods; once they have reported these cats, a professional trapping service will be mobilized to capture the cats, bring them into a central location to receive medical care (including but not limited to neutering), and then release them. His larger goal is to institute a free roaming sanctuary for these released cats (there are currently only three such sanctuaries in the United States) where they will be able to live out their lives without imposing themselves upon neighborhood residents. Mr. Thomas is seeking donations to allow him to set this service up, free of charge, for low income neighborhoods; donations of $5, $10, or $20 are requested, but a donation of even $1 will help immensely.

Money from donations will be used to cover licensing, medical treatment and professional trapping costs. Donations can be made securely via on Mr. Thomas’ website. Anyone who donates will be e-mailed a receipt, and can rest secure in the knowledge that their contribution has helped Mr. Thomas move forward to the goal of saving hundreds of cats in the Tampa Bay area.

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  1. great idea and we need this all over the world. i think anyone that has a cat should have to register it and if later that cat is found abandoned and starving the person is contacted and fined greatly. i live near a college and every summer there are cats all over the place terrified and hungry and alone because some idiot got a cat during their time in college and then just throws it outside when they leave. that is how i have the cats i have now. it breaks my heart and makes me so incredibly angry that people have the “right”, legally to do this. you aren’t allowed to throw your kids out on the street, you shouldn’t be able to do it to animals. laws need to be changed!!

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