Stock Up on Whole Life 21 oz Chicken Bags on Amazon!

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Whole Life PetA Floppycats’ reader alerted me to the fact that Whole Life 21 oz Chicken Bags are the lowest she’s ever seen!

“Whole Life freeze dried chicken is the cheapest I have ever seen on Amazon. $50 for the 21 oz. bag”

And so it is.

Whole Life Pet Treats are the “cheats” that I give Charlie and Trigg. You can learn more about them in this video.

Buy them online here for $50.19 & FREE Shipping: Whole Life Pet USA Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Treats Value Pack for Dogs and Cats, 21-Ounce

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      1. I would use them for treats. Currently Prossimo and Yoda get dehydrated anchovies (they are “human grade”).

        I made dehydrated shrimp for them. Prossimo looked at me like he was disgusted and embarrassed to be associated with me. Yoda looked at me like I was Santa!!

        I’m going to try to freeze dry a chicken breast myself and see how much luck I have in replicating that lightness that is typical with freeze-dried foods. Depending on how that goes, I may be buying these!

  1. I feel bad I didn’t think to let you guys know about this because I saw this several weeks ago! Plus, if you do the ‘subscribe and save’ option, you can save additional money. I’m getting mine for $42.66 because I do the subscribe and save!!! To qualify for the additional 15% you just need to have 5 items on a subscribe and save automatic shipment. You can select 1,2,3,4,5,or 6 months for the frequency of delivery and you can cancel at any time with no penalties. There are MANY great deals on Amazon so it’s easy and super smart shopping to use the subscribe and save! I have vitamins, deodorant, Kleenex, paper towel, tons of good deals and easy to save the extra money, not to mention the ease of having it delivered to the door with no hassle of shopping =) My 2 ragdolls and 2 shih Tzu’s LOVE the WHOLE Life chicken!!!

  2. This was the lightening deal price around Christmas and I ordered 1 bag. My cat and dogs loved them! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I will be ordering another bag at this great price.

  3. I buy these locally @ $13.99 per bag, a lot because my Ragdoll and Shih Poo both love them! What I do is give the dog the bigger chunks and the Ragdoll, the smaller pieces. You’d think I had crack in the cabinet! I have to subscribe at that price!!

      1. phew – i was thinking, “man! i need to shop in her town for whole life if she’s getting a 21 ounce bag for $13.99!”

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