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If you are a Ragdoll rescue or any other kind of cat rescue, then you no doubt understand the importance of having a website for your rescue, where you can display your kitties and what not.

If you have one of those sites through now, it’s hard to customize it and really make it yours. Not to mention, the options are small as far as linking it with your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools.

I’d recommend going with WordPress. If you buy a hosting package through Ninja Blog Setup, he will give you Free WordPress Blog Installation.

We looked at a number of options, including taking classes from a local community college. And we did so! However, we decided we wanted to focus more on content and Ragdoll stories, cat health, Ragdoll kitten care, etc. before we got into making the site pretty. And learning how to make the site pretty was holding us up, we just wanted to know how to start a website. So, we thought we’d look at template based website building programs. However, none seemed to address the keyword importance we had read about on Google for several months, yet there were a number that showed us how to start a website. We just wanted one that showed us how to start a website and then a little more!

We didn’t pick the best platform in the beginning, but was eventually lead to WordPress and found out how easy it was to have a website set up through Ninja Blog Setup.

Ninja Blog Setup

In fact, if you are a dedicated rescue, then you can even find out ways to make money for your rescue through the The Blog Mastermind Coaching Program and their very helpful forums. You can also use this awesome keyword tool to see what keywords people search for when they are searching for rescue kitties in your area – Wordtracker.

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How Can A WordPress Platform Be Advantageous For You?

  • You set up an e-mail list to notify people of available cats – and they can stay on the list until they find the kitty they are looking for.
  • You could have a sign-up page for people that are willing to foster kittens to help you out as well.
  • You can have pages where rescued parents can write about their experience to make your site more interactive.
  • Every time you post a new kitty for adoption – it can appear on your Facebook and on your Twitter automatically!  Less work for you, but more advertising!

Whatever your interest Ninja Blog Setup can help you achieve your goals for a great website.

We’ve always got ideas to help eliminate your problems.  You can always contact us about how to start a website with your questions.

Get A Great Logo For Your Rescue For Just $27!

With a logo it won’t take long for people to recognize your company. will make you a logo for just $27!

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