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Charlie smelling and scratching on the Square Cat Habitat Lo
Charlie smelling and scratching on the Square Cat Habitat Lo

I have long been an admirer of Square Cat Habitat, a modern cat furniture company, overall, so when they offered to send us one of their cat scratchers to try out, I got really excited.

We received their Lo, which is a horizontal cat scratcher that  measures 1″H x 22.75″W x 8.5″D.

The base material of the scratcher is made from one of three materials and also determines their price variance:

  • 100% rapidly renewable bamboo plywood $75
  • laminated FSC birch plywood (new) $60
  • laminated fiberboard (SDF) with 100% recycled wood fiber $45

You’ll love that a % of all sales are donated to cat charities.

Charlie and Trigg didn’t use the Lo very much in the first place I put it, so I moved it a few weeks later and they liked the new spot much more and not only used it for scratching, but also used it as a “launch pad” to attack each other.

Trigg on the Square Cat Habitat Lo - Launch Pad Time
Trigg on the Square Cat Habitat Lo - Launch Pad Time

I love that the scratcher has rubber feet help prevent sliding on hardwoods, tiles, etc.

I also love that it has many different scratcher inserts to choose from and that the scratcher inserts are recessed into the base material, so you don’t have to worry about exposed edges.

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Charlie on the Square Cat Habitat Lo
Charlie on the Square Cat Habitat Lo

You can tell from the video below that I placed catnip to entice them to get on the scratcher when I was shooting the video – because I had a difficult time having the camera ready when they were actually scratching for less than half a second!  But you can certainly put catnip on it to encourage scratching.

Now, I did get Trigg scratching in the arrival video:

Socialize with Square Cat Habitat on Facebook.

I hope there will be many more Square Cat Habitat reviews to come – we would love to try out their Baobab, which is a modern cat tree.

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  1. Isn’t it funny how moving an object or a cat toy from one location to another can stimulate their sense of play and territory? My husband and I laugh all the time because we’ll move something from one room to another just to see how they react, and they immediately go and climb on top of/sit on/lay on wherever we’ve moved the item. It never fails. When this happens, we have a saying: “It’s new!” (At least, that’s what we imagine the cats are saying, when in fact it’s not new, it’s just been moved!)

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