Spoil Your Cat with a Brawny Cat Comfort Lounger

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It’s no secret that cats are as lazy as you will let them be, so why not make their life a lot easier by combining their bed and their scratching post into one. The Brawny Cat comfort loungers are a range of luxury cat loungers that also serve as great scratching areas. The frame is made from top grade cedar wood while the body of the lounger i.e. the section that your cat uses to lounge and scratch, is composed of an ultra-hardy cardboard “comfy padlet”.

Don’t let the word ‘cardboard’ put you off though because feedback has shown that the scratching areas last for years…and if you buy the slightly more expensive model the padlet is reversible.

This particular range of cat scratch furniture is perfect for the Ragdoll cat breed because the various models are all very generous in terms of size. For example, the smallest model, which is the Big Baby Comfort Lounge, measures 26” by 23” by 10” and even has a storage space under the reversible padlet to put toys.

So, if you’re looking for stylish yet cozy cat furniture then the Brawny Cat loungers are certainly worth considering.   

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