Sophia Doll

Post Published on April 11, 2011 | Last Updated on April 11, 2011 by Jenny

Floppy CatI discovered Sophie at the local shelter about three months ago. My husband and I had been married only a few months and he received a job offer for which we found out he would have to be gone from me for a month! So he surprised me with a cat companion! I’ve always been a cat person, but I could never have imagined that I could love any cat like I do Sophie. She is playful, talkative, and of course, loves to be carried around the house on my shoulder, from where she watches everything that is happening. She is what kept me going while I was alone without my new husband for that month. She would talk to me, nestle again me, and wait for me at the door every day. She refuses to sleep anywhere but our bed and when my family occasionally stays the night she tries to join them, as well. But, as my husband says, she is my loyal kitty and if anything scares her or someone steps on her tail on accident she runs straight to her mommy. I don’t know what I would do without my Sophie.

Kitty’s Name: Sophia
Name: Laura Gambrel
Where: Kentucky

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