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Post Published on September 27, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny


Sonora, My Very Funny Girl

Sonora was a blue-mitted Ragdoll; that is, until she left to join me later, someday on Rainbow Bridge.  This happened  in January of this year.  She was not quite seven years old at the time, when she died suddenly without any signs or symptoms of what was to come.  I had enjoyed her company and loved her dearly for nearly two years.  During that time she had gone from my newly adopted furr baby, to my dearest remembrance forever.  I miss her every day.  It is always painful to write or speak of her, even six months after her death.


Sonora was a typical Ragdoll in many ways, but also unique in many more.  She greeted me at the door every time I came home, she followed me around the house—never letting me out of sight, and she loved to snuggle near me anywhere I sat.  However, she was not a lap cat, but she did like always being close by.  Don’t pet me; don’t hold me; don’t bother me, just leave me alone, and I will love you in my own way– that was how it always was with my  Sonora.  It may seem odd to some that with all of those very independent characteristics that I would have fallen so in love with her, but I did.  It was no doubt in part because of her disarming beauty and amazing silky coat.  She also had one of those lion-manes of longer hair around her neck that made her distinctive from many of the other ragdolls.


She was a very funny, total, every-morning wake-up cat.  She would jump up on me at first-light, walk around and knead my chest until I paid attention to her.  She didn’t want anything, she just wanted me to wake up and see that it was daylight.   My wife didn’t like any of that, and she would pull the covers over her head to avoid having Sonora pester her in the morning, as my wife is typically a late sleeper.
 Sonora loved confined spaces, and the picture of her sitting in a Softsoap box seemed just too fitting.  My how she did love boxes. 
Sonora was my first Ragdoll cat.  I now own three others, each of whom is distinctive and lovable in  their own ways.  However, it seems we never get over our first-love, and so it is was with my lovely, adorable Sonora.

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5 thoughts on “Sonora – Ragdoll of the Week

  1. Pat Duerksen says:

    It is now March 2011 and I have been going back to previous stories about Ragdolls. Your story made me cry, as I had lost my “first love” rag, Crimson, at five years old, with a similar tragic health problem…..he was ever present with me just as you described…having more ragdolls helps, but you never forget that “first”.

  2. Geo says:

    Sorry to hear you lost your beautiful Sonora so early and so suddenly. Obviously, she touched your heart very deeply, as our beloved pets will do. Ragdoll of the Week is a wonderful tribute to her. I enjoyed hearing your story and wish you the best with the 3 darlings you have now.

  3. sherry lynn says:

    i’m so sorry for you loss. she is a stunning little lady. i really like her expression in the last photo. 🙂 i lost one of my babies a year ago who shared many characteristics of your sweet sonora. the ‘I will love you in my own way’ may seem standoffish to some, but is really only one of many kitty traits that makes them so extremely lovable. i have no doubt that sonora was very loved and lucky to have you.

  4. Melody says:

    What a touching Ragdoll of the Week! Sonora was a lucky cat to be so loved, it is always hard when we lose someone. Your feelings for Sonora can be felt by your audience in this touching piece. I once had a cat with a similar personality to Sonora’s, her name was Annabelle. She was 14 years old when she passed away, but had that independent personality as well – very loving but unsure of how to show her affection at times. She always kept watch over me and would stay in the same room, just liked to be close by. Animals bring a different type of affection into our lives, one that brings a smile to our face as well as pain in our heart, but a permanent memory in both heart and mind. Thank you for sharing your memories of Sonora with all of us ^^

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