Solvit Booster Seat

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Traveling with pets can be a lot of work.  On top of finding a place to stay with your four legged friend, you must also account for their comfort and contentment on long trips.  Hearing a Bicolor Ragdoll or cute little Chihuahua whine from a cage throughout a long trip is unbearable, but sometimes has to be done.  Many pet owners do not and should not feel safe having their pets roaming around the car while traveling and many pets want nothing more than to stare out the windowSolvit Booster Seat and watch as the world goes by. Solvit Booster Seat will meet the needs of all involved.

Solvit Booster Seat easily attaches to a front of back car seat with a headrest.  The sturdy material is lined with faux fur that can be removed if dirty and the height is ideal for your pet to look out the window.  If you have a Bicolor Ragdoll that likes to climb then an additional strap that can be connected to the collar will keep kitty in his or her place.

The Solvit Booster Seat could be compared to a cat window bed for the car.  For a first hand review and video on the Solvit Booster Seat visit Floppy Cats.

Visit to purchase your own Solvit Pet Booster Seat for 23.94.

Do you own a Solvit Booster Seat? How would you rate the performance?

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