Soki – Ragdoll of the Week

Soki – A Blue Bicolour Ragdoll Cat Living in Australia

Meet Soki.  Full name Ahsoka Kenobi (named after 2 Jedi’s by her Star Wars loving Mumma). She is almost 5 years old, born on May the 4th 2012 – International Star Wars Day of course! My friend Jane had adopted 2 beautiful Ragdoll boys and I was hearing so much about what a gentle and loving and friendly nature they had. Around this time I was starting to try and accept that I wouldn’t be blessed with children and the grief about that was intense and at times disabling. I did my research and decided a Ragdoll cat might go some way to healing my heavy heart. I contacted a breeder here in Australia and she had a litter available. I think if I ever adopt again I will adopt a rescue cat. I’ve learned a lot about rescuing since then and it’s definitely my preference in the future. But back to the story! The breeder asked me if I wanted to come and choose a kitten, but I said I would take whichever kitten was the last to get chosen. I was often the last to get chosen for things so I thought that would be fitting! That way the universe was sort of choosing for both of us. Of course I fell instantly in love with Soki.

Soki - Ragdoll of the Week ahsoka2
Having a kitten was a steep learning curve! I devoted all my time and energy and love to her settling in. Right from the beginning Soki was very shy and introverted – different to how I expected with such a well known friendly breed. It took her a long time to settle in and get to know me, but it was a wonderful bonding time. After a couple of weeks of sleeping in her own little bed, one night she popped up onto my bed at night time, snuggled into my side and promptly fell asleep. She has done that every night ever since. Like clockwork she comes for her night time snuggles. It’s wonderful.

Soki has always been a one woman girl, not friendly with anyone else really. It takes her a long time to get used to people and getting a snuggle or a pat with her is rare and very special when it happens! She’s classically introverted – interested in people but shy and careful, needing lots of space and time to herself. When she was a kitten she did have a crush on my Niece Kate and would often give her snuggles or kisses. Here she is in her favourite box having a snuggle with Kate on one of our Aunty/Niece sleep overs:

Soki - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_1773
Other personality traits which are different to some cats and other Ragdolls – Soki has never been very interested in food! She doesn’t meow for it or demand it at certain times. She’s not interested in food treats at all. That is very different to any other cat I know! It might be because I’m a shift worker so she gets fed at all different times. When she does eat though she likes Hills Science Diet dry foods and raw chicken.

With food as a non starter – Soki’s great motivator has always been play! She looooooves a good game, even still as an adult cat. She’s only just now after nearly 5 years slowing down with some of her playing. Her very favourite is Hide N Seek. We play every day. Here she is in some of her fav spots:

Soki - Ragdoll of the Week hide nseek
Soki’s favourite toys are her tunnel given to her by her loving Aunty Ruby, her Yeowww! catnip banana, and any kind of wand and feathers. She also loves ping pong balls! I throw them everywhere in the garage and she runs around like crazy catching and batting them. And of course like most cats she loves being inside boxes and crates and just about anything she can squish into!

Soki - Ragdoll of the Week boxes

Soki is hilarious. She makes me laugh every day. She’s very chatty and cheeky, always telling me what to do and what she thinks about things. She’s independent and very happy to be by herself, snoozing or chatting to the birds outside the window. She’s super smart and intuitive. She always knows when I’ve had a tough day and gives me extra love and attention. She meets me at the front door each and every time I get home from work, no matter the time her Mumma shift worker gets home! She is the best snuggler.

Soki - Ragdoll of the Week boxes
It’s hard to describe the difference that Soki has made in my life. The comfort and love she has given me has made this ongoing grieving journey bearable. I believe in my bones she was sent to me to teach me some life lessons. She helps me live in and appreciate the present moment, reminds me of the beauty of the simple things in life, shows me the joy of unconditional love, provides endless laughter and silliness to my days, shares affection and soft loving purrs, challenges me to be still and rest, provides a point of commonality and kinship with so many old and new wonderful feline favouring friends, and effortlessly helps me transition from the sometimes world weariness and sadness of my job. She’s so fun to have around! And although I do sometimes wish she was friendly and playful and loving with others, so they can see that gorgeous side of her, there is something very special about being her only person. Just me. We’re a good team =) I’m so very grateful for her =)

Soki - Ragdoll of the Week end

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  1. Teresa Reid says:

    Love those beautiful blue eyes! Looks like you got the best kitten in the world who was made especially for you! So cute that she loves to play and keeps you laughing all thw time! Wishing you a very happy life together.❤❤❤

  2. thanks for sharing your story. she is so beautiful and has the sweetest face!

  3. Thank you so much for your truly pawesome story about your very lovely & gorgeous Soki girl! She is STUNNING!!! I just adore all the beautiful pics of her! She’s such a beauty (inside and out!)! Sounds like you found your Soulmate Kitteh in this wonderful girl!!! So very happy for you and her! She sounds like such a love bug, too!

    Wishing you and Soki many, many years of love, good health, happiness and purry adventures together!!!

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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