Snuggler’s, A Torbie Bicolor Ragdoll Cat, Evolution of Color in Her Coat

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We all know that Ragdolls don’t get their full color until they are 2 or 3 years old.  Eve Kupiers, an avid reader, has shared Snuggler as Ragdoll of the Week (Snuggler will be featured on November 15, 2010).  In the process of us sending e-mails back and forth to one another, we figured out that sharing the evolution of Snuggler’s color pattern in her coat might be fun for everyone to see.

As Eve put it, “Here are some snapshots/collages of my ragdoll cat Snuggler. She started out at four months with a couple wisps of butterscotch & chocolate & grew into something goregous & colorful at 5 yrs old.”


Snuggler Ragdoll Cat Color Change

Snuggler Ragdoll Cat Color Change

Snuggler Ragdoll Cat Color Change

Snuggler Ragdoll Cat Color Change

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Snuggler Ragdoll Cat Color Change

Do you have photos of the evolution of your kitty’s coat pattern?  I’d love to share them on the blog.  Please feel free to send them to me at

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  1. What a beautiful kitty! My torbie bicolor is nearly a year old now, and is slightly darker than the early pictures of Snuggler. I’m eager to see how dark she’ll be. The biggest difference I see in Annabella is that she has a dark raccoon mask under her eyes. Thanks for sharing — I’d love to see more pictures of the color progression of Ragdolls!

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