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In the fall of 2005 I was looking at Lonerock-Catastrophe Ragdolls website & happened upon a showcat that was for sale.  She was a choc. lynx torbie bicolorgirl, the original breeder was a gal named Debbie who was a friend of Sue Villareal.

Sue’s cattery is in Bancroft, Wisconsin.  I had always wanted a girl Ragdoll with “chocolate bangs”.  I already had one blue bicolor Ragdoll from Sue, plus a tuxedo male from the Humane Society.

SnugglerSnuggler was born Sept. 12, 2005 & would be ready to go in December of that year. I was very excited ‘cuz she was so beautiful.  After Christmas Snuggler was delivered to me via car.  She was 4 months already & very outgoing & well adjusted. And she loved to EAT! And chew on anything she had her paws on.  She had a knack for knocking pictures & knick-knacks off the wall, tearing up her fuzzy mice & chewing on electrical cords.  In other words, a very mischievious torbie!

SnugglerI would buy these mice & glitterballs of different neon colors.  My two other cats, Bongo the tuxedo & Nuzzler the blue bicolor would love to race around & chase them. Snuggler was different.  Besides grabbing them in her mouth & running with them, she would DUNK the glitterballs into her water dish & flatten them out like pancakes! All cats love to hide their toys – I would find smushed glitterballs in every nook & cranny upstairs & downstairs.

SnugglerA couple weeks before Thanksgiving in 2006 I noticed my usually bouncy, meowing, romping showgirl was not herself.  She would lay around & barely meow, let alone eat or drink anything, which was very unusual. Snuggler lived to eat, eat, eat.  She would stick her whole head into the cat chow bag before I had the chance to pour in bowl. She had developed a strange habit of making “chomping” motions with her mouth, as if she had something stuck. 


Several vet visits & Xrays later, they found a big blob mass in her stomach.  Sure enough she had managed to swallow NINE glitterballs!! The vet had them removed & put in a plastic bag. After Snuggler’s overnite surgery & stitches, they put her on a diet of bland soft cat chow. She would not eat anything but crunchy hard food.


Upon returning home, I glitterball-proofed the whole house.  I guess one cannot ever be too careful when kitten-proofing.  As for toys, I must keep everything hidden & put away.


Snuggler is now a little over 5 years old, 15# & about 36″Long.  Her “set-back” with the glitterballs did not deter her growth or appetite.

Her cat-show-circuit was a one-time only thing.  After one show in Maple Grove at 8 months, she got fed-up with being handled & transfered from cage to cage.  By her third ring she was hissing at everyone & couldn’t wait to go back home.

Snuggler's Father Gypsy Moon Possum
Snuggler's Father Gypsy Moon Possum



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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Showgirl, yes, actual cat shows – no! Lol!
    She is very photogenic though :0)

  2. One can see she is a showgirl! The camera loves her!

  3. What a gorgeous torbie! She’s stunning. So glad that to hear that the glitterball incident was safely resolved.

    1. Eve Kurpiers says:

      Resolved thru a stomach surgery, poor baby girl!
      She had to get shaved but her hair grew back pretty fast!
      Snuggler still has a huge appetite, she’s about 36″Long
      & approx. 15#! In other words, if she is sitting on a stair, she
      will take up just about the whole space!
      She is very stunning valuable “baby girl”,
      thanks for your comments!

  4. That is a lot of glitter-balls! Luckily they were found! Her coloring is very pretty though, she still has a kitten-like face.

    1. Eve Kurpiers says:

      The glitterballs ingested were the small- to medium size.
      To this day I find it hard to comprehend how she managed to swallow One
      let alone nine! The Xray only showed a massive blob!
      She still has a kitten face but she is slowly maturing, not quite as
      rambunctious, altho she still loves to try to get pictures down off the wall, LOL.
      The second nite in my bedroom I ended up taking just about everything
      down, save one pic too high to reach!

      1. That would be frightening for anyone! Cats are such entertaining and loving creatures 🙂

        1. Eve Kurpiers says:

          Snuggler is very entertaining & loving, that’s for sure! =)

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