Smiling again with Ziggy

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I am preparing to send ziggy's story for Ragdoll of the week after his 1st birthday on the 13th July 2012, but thought I would share a snippet about him. Having been unwell for many years with many, many operations, life can get me down at times. A tragedy occurred when our lovely 5 year old Chinchilla kitty Ozzie died very suddenly last 1st sept 2011. My husband ,Joe & I were & still are devastated. One door closed & another opened & Ziggy entered our life on the 8th Oct 2011. We can't & wouldn't want to replace our Ozzie but having our adorable Ziggs has eased our pain & every morning when we open our eyes we are met with a vision of fluff & those blue blue eyes! Thank you Ozzie for sending Ziggy to us, you knew what love we had to give & only wish you were still here to play with your little brother. He makes us smile & coo just like you used to. Sleep tight little one x

Kitty's Name: Ziggy the Raggi & Ozzie the chinchilla kitty
Name: Alison
Where: Enfield, London U.K

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