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best cat toyThis is a review for the Smartpaw: Bug Chase 3 In 1 Pet Playstation, which I purchased at Walmart about 5 months ago. When we got my kitten Teddy, we really went above and beyond and bought WAY too many toys…of all the toys we bought, he still plays with this one EVERYDAY!

The one we bought does not have little sparklers as shown in the picture on the Walmart website ( but it does have a crinkly butterfly that is made with crinkly sounding material inside so when he plays with it, there is a crunching noise. There are two balls in this toy – one is in the outer ring of the toy and one is in the inside container of the toy which he can paw at. Teddy is not as interested with the inner ball, but loves to kick the outer ball around and try to get it out. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of that silly ball going around the toy. For that reason, I put this AWAY at night, haha! There is no assembly required for this toy, and I got it on clearance at Walmart for about $6. It feels very well made and well structured. The bright colors seem to attract teddy and he will charge at it from the other room. Anyways, I highly recommend this product for an active cat who interacts with toys!

Kitty’s Name: Teddy
Name: Christina

What is the best cat toy according to your Ragdoll cats?   Share your floppy cats stories with other readers.

best cat toy

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