SmartCat Ultimate Scratch Post

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SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post
Scratching and stretching is as natural to your furry fun-loving creature as barking is to a dog. It is no secret that to watch your cat scratch furniture and other things he can sink his claws into for relief can be unnerving. Yet you know that it cannot be avoided. Cats need a post that will allow them to stretch as long as possible and a place where they can scratch until they are satisfied.

The SmartCat Ultimate Scratch Post is just what your cat needs. It is 32-inches high and allows your cat to stretch vertically while also using the post for territorial marking, toning muscles and scratching. The post is durable and sturdy and the base is 16” x 16” so neither you nor your furry friend will have to worry about it tipping; this is often why some shy away from other scratching posts.

The post is one of the sisal cat scratching posts. The natural sisal fiber is known for its durability and strength.  It can hold up to even your most ambitious feline. Your cat will be naturally drawn to it and will get hours of pleasure from it.

The easy-to-assemble post has a soft, neutral color and will blend into the décor of your home with ease. And you can reserve your furniture for sitting and lounging. It is one of the best cat products of its class.

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