SmartCat Tick-Tock Teaser

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SmartCat Tick-Tock Teaser from Only Natural PetInstead of giving your pet a remote control cat toy, you might want to consider providing it with an interactive cat toy that they can enjoy for hours on end without the need of being supervised.  Check out the Tick-Tock Teaser by SmartCat.

The SmartCat Tick-Tock Teaser is has a pendulum that will swing to give your cat 2 moving objects to try to capture. It will be able to harmlessly bring out the natural hunting instinct of your feline and give them a highly interesting challenge.

The toy mouse is attached to the bottom end of the pendulum with Velcro straps. You can remove the toy mouse for the cat to play with, and be able to attach many other kinds of lightweight toys so that your pet can have variety.

The SmartCat Tick-Tock Teaser is one of the most innovative cat toys in the market today. It will help build up the dexterity and speed of the reaction time of your pet. Cat toys like these help cats learn how to focus their attention and concentrate. There are different large holes strategically placed on the triangular sides that a cat can place their paws into to try to capture the moving target.

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