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We all know that cats do love scratching and marking their own territories at the house. They do scratch to remove old sheaths from their claws and also to exercise and tone their muscles. Scratching also reduces stress, frustration and boredom. We also know that cats do love high places. So, SmartCat would like give our cats something new to experience… 

SmartCat Sky Climber is a scratching post that can be hanged at the walls of your home to provide your cats with a higher position giving them a better feeling of security and mastery over their environment. SmartCat Sky Climber

SmartCat Sky Climber allows your cat to jump high to an acceptable resting perch where it can take a nap or just observe everything that’s happening inside the house. For those homes with a large number of cats, you should think of providing a number of wall perches so that the cats can space themselves throughout the house and not irritate each other, at the same time promotes a purrfect harmony in the family.

Product Features:
  • Provides Vertical Territory, essential for the well being and happiness of indoor cats
  • Fibrous and durable sisal material naturally inspires scratching
  • Elevated platform promotes healthy jumping and stretching
  • Attaches quickly and securely at any level that suits your cats leaping ability
  • Helps Discourage Territorial Behaviors
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5 x 16 inches; 4 pounds
SmartCat Sky Cat Climbers are available through the for $29.22 and this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

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