SmartCat Sky Climber

Post Published on January 30, 2013 | Last Updated on January 30, 2013 by Jenny

SmartCat Sky ClimberAre your cats climbers? Do they like to climb up on anything including your drapes? It can be annoying and also costly to discover cats scratching furniture within your home. You can end this annoying problem with the SmartCat Sky Climber.

This is an excellent product for all breeds of cats. It comes with sisal cat scratching posts that inspire scratching in this area instead of your furniture. The platform is elevated so your cat will get exercise from jumping and stretching. This will get your cat moving and playing, keeping your cats active and healthy.

For your indoor cat – you should provide a place for your cat to play and scratch. It is relatively easy to stop cats from scratching furniture when you provide an appealing alternative. The SmartCat Sky Climber will bring hours of enjoyment and entertainment to you and your pet – as you will be able to see a happier cat, when they are able to play.

When you choose this product – your cat will be thankful for it, as will you. Think of the money you will save from replacing furniture, drapes, and objects that your cat has knocked over from climbing on your precious things.


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