Smart Cat Multi-Level Cat Climber

Last Updated on August 13, 2021 by Jenny

SmartCat Multi-Level Cat ClimberIt is the natural instinct of a cat to climb; whether it is up a tree to find a bird’s nest of scaling the fence to escape the neighbor’s dog, cats are born to climb and they do it so very well. For an outdoor cat there are plenty of opportunities to take to the skies and get a bird’s eye view. For the house cat however, it can be a little more difficult to find suitable climbing places. Curtains, bookshelves, Christmas trees, and furniture do make good perches for most circumstances. So give your cat the perfect climbing place. If you want a high quality Cat Climbing Tree, then get your cat the Smart Cat Multi-Level Cat Climber.

One of the best cat toys online, this is sure to entertain your cat for hours at a time, cats books speak of the benefit of such toys as they can enrich the life of your cat and keep them happy and healthy and active. Designed to appeal to and satisfy a cat’s natural climbing instincts, Smart Cat’s climber is the perfect solution for an indoor cat who longs to climb.

Made of high quality materials that can stand up to cat claws and repetitive climbing, the multi-level climber offers several platform heights, with enough space for your cat to sit or lay down at whatever height it desired. Designed to fit into the door frame of any standard size door, this unique design allows a seldom used room to become the spot of a great climbing adventure. The spring loaded design makes setup and take down a breeze. This is a great unit for all of your cat’s sleeping, scratching, exercising, and climbing needs. So get yours today!



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