Slurp and Meow Set of Cat Bowls

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I stumbled upon these Slurp and Meow Set of Cat Bowls on Amazon the other day and had to share.  Cute.  They measure 5.5 x 5.5 x 3 inches and they are dishwasher safe.  The set sells for $44.55 & FREE Shipping.

Cat Bowls with Slurp and Meow Set

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    1. Someone asked me that about a triptych of non-regenerative anemia I painted. Actually, it wasn’t for sale; it was just hanging in Barton Memorial Hospital, and someone called and offered me $100 for it. I’m permanently donating it to the hematology-oncology unit.

      Unless something is mass produced, you’re paying for the artist’s labor. (In the example cited, $100 didn’t pay for the canvases, hardware, paint and photographs of the slides, much less my labor. But it was a labor of love.)

  1. Given my pretzel logic, these bowls completely justify purchasing the sea glass Paw Nosh bowl next month. Thank you for aiding and abetting me in this endeavor =)

      1. hahaha.. i have so much stuff that’s “jennys fault”.. lol and my cats and me love all of it!

      2. AJF–All Jenny’s Fault. I like this. It’s very “cat think.” Never take responsibility if there’s someone else to blame. Bop someone on the head if necessary. Even if there isn’t someone else to blame, NEVER admit culpability. Open packages (but never bank statements) and gasp incredulously, “Why, it’s a Paw Nosh bowl !! How nice!!” That’s what I plan to do next month.

      3. I pray to Bast my inner dog doesn’t kick in before the Paw Nosh bowl is in my dirty, greedy paws.

        I am still suffering from Dog Guilt for the Coldwater Creek stuff I bought this month. But $3 for T-shirts, $6 for skirts and jammies, $12 for summer hippie dresses? In sizes that FIT? So why am I not wearing this stuff? Why am I still wearing paint-splattered T-shirts, the armpits of which have simply worn out, T-shirts that I bought at thrift stores maybe a decade ago? Dog Guilt. I am not deserving of new, nice clothes, when the poor cats have only six Yeoww bananas and not a single Jackson Pollock fish.

      4. Hahaha!!!! Always look forward to reading your posts because they always bring laughter and a smile to my face. Great post!

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