Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

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Sleepypod Mobile Pet BedDo you love to travel with your pet everywhere you go but just have a hard time bringing them around? It may be hard to find a nice comfy crate for them to sleep in and when they are carried around in a box-like bag, they have limited mobility.

The Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed maybe exactly what you are looking for in a cat carrying case. It comes in six colors to suit either your cat’s personality or your favorite fashionable color.

The Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed is one of the multi-functional cat products and is also a great source of beds for cats when used as a travelling carrier.

You can remove the top part so your pet can use it as a nice comfy sleeping bed. If your cat gets easily scared, you may choose to close the dome for either privacy and safety. If you are traveling, and afraid someone might steal your precious kitty you may choose to leave it closed and open it for your pet to enter or exit.

There’s also a SleepyPod Mini was designed for tiny pets, and it’s small enough to put this under a seat. The SleepyPod Mobile also has a water-resistant foam liner just in case your cat gets a sudden call of nature. The original version can support up to fifteen pounds while the mini version can support up to 7 lbs and is perfect to carry around small kittens like those belonging to the Ragdoll cat breed.

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