Sleepypod Crater Dot Review

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Sleepypod Crater Dot Review

Read this update! Beds for Cats – Sometimes It’s All About Placement

Trigg and Crater Dot
Trigg and Crater Dot

Sleepypod, a company out of Pasadena, CA, has been very generous about sending us their products to review!  We love testing out new products – and the latest that we are reviewing is the Crater Dot.  Previously, we reviewed the Sleepypod and Sleepypod Air.

The Crater Dot is a lightweight, contoured bed for your cat and frankly, it just looks cool.

Trigg and Crater Dot
Trigg and Crater Dot

Here are some of the reasons I like the Crater Dot:

  • Everything from Sleepypod just has “cool” written all over it.
  • Hand Washable
  • Grommet for easy storage of the hanging variety
  • Contoured foam shape
  • Unique and classy modern design

It comes in the following VERY FUN colors:

  • Blossom Pink
  • Mossy Green (that’s the one we got!)
  • Lunar Gray
  • Orange Dream
  • Lavendar Field

The Crater Dot can be purchased online on for $68.99.

Here is a video I captured of the unveiling to the kitties:

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And then here’s a video that I captured later of Trigg just hanging out on it:

Gotta an older kitty or an outdoor kitty?  The Sleepypod Warmer Kit can be installed in the pocket in the base.

Also, I wanted to mention that Crater Dot won the Editors’ Choice Awards from Two Prestigious Magazines – Innovative Pet Lounge Selected as a Product Favorite by Editors of Cat Fancy and Pet Business Magazines.

Read this update! Beds for Cats – Sometimes It’s All About Placement

Sleepypod Crater Dot and Charlie
Charlie on the Sleepypod Crater Dot


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  1. The reason why I like the crater dot after seeing it on Sleepypod’s website is the fact that it does not look like a cat bed or lounge area, it has a very modern type style. I hope to purchase one or two in the future when I get my kitties!

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