Sleepypod Cloudpuff Blanket

Last Updated on August 22, 2021 by Jenny

Almost any cat of whatever age or breed would love a nice, super soft blanket for them to snuggle on. The Sleepypod Cloudpuff Blanket  is made from the softest polyester plush available for your cats purr-fect comfort. It has a suede-like backing and trim, and it is a durable and ultra cozy blanket that can be used as an extra layer of padding plus when rolled up, may even be used as a comfy pillow that can be placed on a cat window bed.
Sleepypod Cloudpuff Blanket Cats of all ages and sizes will love having a blanket for them to lie on all warm and cozy for them to have a sound sleep or to simply lounge around in. The Sleepypod Cloudpuff Blanket is available in two sizes. The small size is just right for the Sleepypod Mini carried while the medium fits well in the Sleepypod original cat carrying bag.

Give your cats the comfort they deserve with a Cloudpuff blanket so when they wake up every morning or from every cat nap they take, they will feel relaxed and fully-energized, and ready for a new and nice happy day. You may want to provide your pet with a Sleepypod cat carrier so you can bring it along with you nearly anywhere you go.

Sleepypod makes a lot of great products, like this pet carrier.

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