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Sleepypod Cat CarrierPet carriers of the past were all the same, hard plastic with a cage like front that allowed little room to move and limited sight for your favorite pet companion. Now the Sleepypod Cat Carrier is available for comfort and style. Whether taking your Bicolor Ragdoll to get Ragdoll cat pictures or traveling with your Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll to have her nails filed this Sleepypod Cat Carrier is great.

The Sleepypod is available in several stylish colors that are sure to fit the personality of any feline friend.  The vented top allows for easy viewing for you and your pet as you travel in the car or on an airplane.  The padded carrier has a faux fur lining that is comfortable for any length of time but can easily be removed when a wash is needed. The lining can even be replaced if it is beyond repair. 

The Sleepypod is easy to carry with a top handle that makes movement through crowded areas mush easier than the pet carriers of the past.  Your feline friend can even look around at all the passersby as you are carrying him or her past all the people.  Buying a Sleepypod Cat Carrier may seem like a luxury, but it is well worth the money for such a great carrier.

Manufacturer Sleepypod

You can buy the Sleepypod Cat Carriers through The Cat Connection for prices ranging from $147.99 to $167.49

Does your cat use the Sleepypod Cat Carrier? How does he or she like it?

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