Sleepypod Cat Carrier in Strawberry

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Sleepypod redPets are an important part of those families in which they belong. To provide the ultimate in comfort many cat owners will buy cat playpens, cat climbing trees, or even a cat window bed to make sure that the family feline is always feeling content in its surroundings. On occasion the family pet must travel on short trips or even on the family vacation.  When travel must occur make sure to use the Sleepypod Cat Carrier in Strawberry. The stylish look and bold coloring allow your feline to travel in style.

A great size for a Ragdoll cat, these carriers are perfect for yearly vet visits for shots or a cross country trip with your favorite feline.  This carrier will help your pet feel secure and the shape is perfect for an afternoon nap in which your family friend curls up and snoozes away. The faux fur lining will keep your pet warm and happy, but if an accident does occur the fur is machine washable and replaceable if necessary.

Many carriers are available for your frisky feline, but why not buy the one that allows your boy or girl to look great while on the move. The strawberry color will not be missed especially with a beautiful Ragdoll tucked inside.

Manufacturer Sleepypod

You can buy the Sleepypod Cat Carrier in Strawberry through The Cat Connection for 166.49

Does your cat use the Sleepypod Cat Carrier in Strawberry? How does he or she like it?

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