Sleepypod Air Jet Black

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Sleepypod Air Jet BlackCat shows often require travel.  Most airlines have very specific size regulations for pet carriers that are allowed on airplanes.  The last Bicolor Ragdoll that traveled on an airlines I was familiar with was traveling in style in a Sleepypod Air Jet Black carrier. The Sleepypod Carrier met all the regulations set forth by the airlines and the traveler with feline companion was allowed to board without issue.

The impressive and sleek design of the Sleepypod Carrier made other carriers fade in comparison.  While the Bicolor Ragdoll that was seen was not very large the carrier did appear to have more than enough room for even a larger cat. It deserves to be noted that the cat had enough room to travel with feather cat toys that were placed inside the carrier.

It should be noted that the Sleepypod Carrier can be placed in-cabin and expanded when the captain says that seats may be reclined. This allows for added comfort for both human and feline travelers that weigh in at under 18 pounds. If the mood strikes this carrier can also work for dogs that are 15 pounds and under.  Always travel in style with your pet close at hand.

Manufacturer Sleepypod

You can buy the Sleepypod Air Jet Black through The Cat Connection for $147.99 

Does your cat use the Sleepypod Air Jet Black? How does he or she like it?

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