Skyscraper Modern Cat Tree

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Skyscraper Modern Cat TreeWeighing 26lbs. with a base of 14" x 14" and an overall height of 103" is this Skyscraper Modern Cat Tree from General Cage.

Skyscraper Modern Cat Tree is a three-story climbing pole that is designed to cater every cat’s necessity to climb. It is covered and fashioned with a plush carpet that will give every bicolor ragdoll (for an instance) – a cozy, soft comfortable feeling all the time.

This reliable product can also serve as a cat scratch furniture – which you can always add up as a great home decor.

Skyscraper Modern Cat Tree is designed and made out of high quality materials that are tested and guaranteed to be as sturdy as wood and will provide safety for all of your natural cat climbers.

With just a little assembly required, you can purchase the Skyscraper Modern Cat Tree for $90.79. This item is available in three colors: beige, blue or grey.

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