Sisal Cat Scratching Posts

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sisal cat scratching postsMy favorite sisal cat scratching posts are made by TopCat Scratching Posts.  I like this company because the posts are made in the USA by one man, Maurice, and he does it for a number of reasons – the top one being to help cats keep their claws by offering them something other than a couch to scratch on.

If you are looking for a great cat scratching pole for your kitty then you might consider one of Maurice’s options:

  • Vinyl Base Post (as photographed with Charlie)
  • Sisal Base Post
  • Flat Scratcher

If you are an animal shelter, TopCat Scratching Posts will offer you a deal where you can sell them in your shelter and make a small profit for your organization, so you can buy food and what not thereafter.

The posts and the flat scratcher are made of woven sisal.  They are 32" tall, the tallest  post you will find anywhere, which gives kitties like Ragdolls Cats plenty of room to stretch out.

You can choose from a maple grain vinyl or oak framed sisal covered 16" square base.  The posts contain a generous portion of organic catnip, helps create immediate interest.  Also, the round design (as opposed to a square one) has more scratching surface than square posts.

There’s also a unique recessed top, which is great for your kitty to sit on top of or a great place to put cat toys to encourage more scratching.  It is made to work on carpet, tile or hardwood floors (will not slide) and has a strong metal to metal attachment system which helps prevent "wobbling". 

You may be wondering if it is difficult to assemble – it’s not and for that matter it is also easy to disassemble (no tools required). 

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What’s best of all?  You can order replacement posts!! 

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