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Post Published on December 31, 2012 | Last Updated on December 31, 2012 by Jenny

Mr. Herzher's Deluxe Double Seat Wooden Cat Perch with SisalWhat a pleasure it is to find a product that can fulfill more than one need. The Wood and Sisal Cat Scratching Platform and Deluxe Double Seat Scratching Post, indeed does the job. This convenient piece of unique cat furniture provides your cat with not only a durable sisal scratching but also has two seating/lounging areas.

The scratching area of this piece is made of extra strong, denser, extra tight weave for years of use and enjoyment for your cat. It is made of solid wood with non-slip feet for protection of your floor. The unique design lets you use it in the horizontal position or in a wedge position so that your cat can have a different way to play and relax.

It is available in an early American color or ebony. This item will help to protect your furniture as well as keeping your cat happy and healthy for years. Also of course because of the two sleeping/lounging areas this is perfect for multi-cat households. There will be no fighting over who gets to take advantage  of this scratching post. Its a bed, a lounging area, a perch and a scratching post all in one. Your cat may never jump down.


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