Sir Raggs

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Sir Raggs, blue point ragdoll

Meet Sir Raggs. He is a blue point mitted Ragdoll who lives in Snohomish, WA and loved by Kristen and Seth Heines and Mike Vermeulen. Kristen wrote the following story about Sir Raggs:

“Sometime in March of 2007, I went into my garage for a drink late at night and there was a cat eating out of my dog food bag on a shelf. I immediately thought it was a tom cat, as the neighborhood had several. When he looked up he looked scared and started to run, I immediately shut the garge door so he would not get away. He then came back to eat since he was so hungry and let me pet him. When I touched him he started to purr so loud and rub against me. He was so skinny, had most of his hair missing and his pads had sores on them. I thought he might have mange from the hair loss so I kept him in a cat carrier until I could get to the vet in the morning.

When I brought him to the vet they checked for a microchip right away and he had one! I was happy that the old people could get him back since he was so sweet but sad because I already fell in love with him. The vet called the old owners who said that they did not want him back because their other cats picked on him too much anyway. The said he was 2 yrs old and declawed! How he survived outside, knowing how he is now is just amazing.

So we continued his vet exam and they thought Sir Raggs had not eaten for at least a few weeks since he weighed just 8lbs and was so dehydrated. I took him home, got him on good food and he started gaining weight fast. His hair on his back never did grow back, we call it the landing strip and I have talked to other ragdoll owners who also have the same problem. We have switched foods to see if it was allergies and the hair never grows..:) But he is as healthy as can be now, still not as huge and fat as some of the ragdoll pictures I have seen, but he is easier to carry that way. His old name was Dakota but we all called him Sirs from the beginning so his official name is Sir Raggs but we call call him Raggy or Sirs mostly. He does know his name now..:)

Sir Raggs loves bathrooms, if you are going to take a shower or go in the bathroom at all, he is right there on the sink meowing at you. He loves to drink our of the faucet but he makes a mess with the water so we give him a little cup to drink out of in the sink. He loves our other 3 cats and tries to snuggle with them, and they mostly like him but he is a bit pushy at times. He also loves to play with the laser beam! He chases it around like a monkey with his arms flailing around and is so uncoordinated.

We just love everything about him; he is so much fun to have around. He has a very set schedule of what he does daily and no one can interrupt what he is doing because he will go right back to doing it!”

Kristen breeds bunnies! You can check out her website here: Dragonfly Hollands, She also is an indoor/outdoor painter, you can check out her work here: Dragonfly Painting.

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Sir Raggs, blue point ragdoll

Sir Raggs Shaved for the Summer

Sir Raggs Hanging Out

Sir Rags' Landing Strip

Sir Raggs Trying to Play with a Mouse inside a Box

Sir Raggs in the Bathtub

Sir Raggs Sleeping with a Friend

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One thought on “Sir Raggs

  1. Bea Stewart says:

    OMG I an crying right now Mr.Raggs looks exactly like my baby Cocoa that I had to put down due to an abdominal mass. You are too far away and I cannot afford the expense for a kitten or travel, this devastates me

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